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Conference on Circular Economy in the Nordics 2022
- How can we make it happen?

Towards Circular transition 

The 16th of June 2022 stakeholders from all around the Nordic countries came together to uncover and debate potentials and barriers for a circular transition in the Nordics.

We would like to thank all speakers and participants, both in Oslo and online, for a great conference!

We are looking forward to continue the exciting debate and the sharing of ideas and informations on circular economy with all of you in other contexts. 

Below you'll find the presentations from the speakers as well as the short movie on circular transition and industrial symbiosis, which was shown at the conference. 


Join us on June 16th 2022, when we gather key stakeholders from around the Nordic countries to debate progress and possibilities in circular economy in the Nordic Region.


How do we stimulate circular economy in the Nordic countries? What are the potentials in terms of resources, jobs, economy? How can the Nordic countries learn from each other? And what do we gain from collaborating across the boarders?


Circular economy is one of the priority topics during the Norwegian Chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers and central to the the Nordic Working Group for Circular Economy, NCE, with focus on how we can contribute to green change, resource efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental footprint. There are many considerations and barriers related to a shift to a more circular economy, e.g.: Is circular economy a threat to traditional business and industries? Can a shift to a more circular economy provide new growth and employment opportunities or the other way around? How can such a shift be achieved smoothly? And what policy measures must be taken in the Nordic countries?


Under the headline ‘Circular Economy in the Nordics – How can we make it happen?”, we will provide a platform enabling stakeholders from all over the Nordics to come together and discuss potentials and barriers for the circular transition and contribute with knowledge and analyses relevant for the Nordic Region. Scientists, decision makers, indigenous and other local people, as well as NGOs will share their knowledge, insights, and perspectives on the circular

  development of the Nordic Region.


As our starting point we take the experiences from Nordic countries and Nordic co-operation investigating how results can be achieved in key areas such as symbiosis, Sustainable Public Procurement, batteries, construction, electronic waste, and waste minimization. We will ask questions such as: What has happened on the agenda in recent years? What have we learned so far? And importantly: How can we work together to accelerate the circular transition in the different areas in the Nordic countries?


So, make sure to mark your calendar and join in as we investigate Circular Economy in the Nordics and give the circular transition a well-deserved boost. You can attend the conference either at the conference venue in Oslo

or online.

You can find the Conference Agenda at:

If you can already see that this event is a MUST - please register at:

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